The writer of this book is Yaso. To depict a few realities that make me who I am and the driven desire of publishing this book, I shall say that passion, experience, love, and God were the main sources as to why this art piece is portrayed to the world. A little information about me is that I admire art, music, the beach under the warm-striking kisses of the sun. I believe in inspiring and to be inspired, to accept the brokenness that exists in this world, yet with that to lead a life with purpose and good-will. I enjoy intellectual conversations with different kinds of people and learning from my experiences as well as other people’s experiences in order to have a deeper understanding of who I am as the ever-changing yet constant identity that I carry within myself and how the world works. In my opinion, this allows people to grow from unhealed trauma, thus make better choices for themselves and others. Life is short, yet meaningful. Let’s enjoy this journey that has been given to us and live it to the best of our capabilities, with its fortunes and unfortunes.