Suresh Thadhani

The Author is a mature person who is based in Dubai for the past four and a half decades. He is originally from Bombay (now Mumbai), India. Writing is his forte, and he has done quite a few stints in college magazines and social clubs. He has visited many countries, in the six continents, and loves travelling. Many of his stories are based on real time episodes and he churns out interestingly in a witty way, easy to understand and bringing a smile on readers’ lips. In his own, words, he says, “If I cannot make you laugh in the first five minutes, then I will cry!” Interestingly, he adds that as you are a good person, you don’t want me to cry! So, there you go, smiling. His core career is based in accounting field, but he says he wants to be an author and so, has quit accounting! He believes all of us on this good planet are students of life, and likewise we too need to be good in life too!