Shatha Abdel Meneem Mohammad

Shatha Abdel Moneem is a Sudanese journalist and writer, born in the United Arab Emirates in 1998. She graduated with distinction from the College of Mass Communication - Department of Radio and Television, at Ajman University, in 2020. The “crowd of twenty” is her first book. She has many experiences and skills in the media and acting, and is interested in topics of self-development and everything related to the balance of the mind, spirit and body. She went through many difficulties at the early age of twenty, which inspired her after going through a spiritual awakening to write this book The author presented the most prominent methods that lead to balance in life in its various aspects. So that readers - especially young people - can elevate themselves and know the extent of the strength that resides within them, and realize that we are not required to keep opening new pages. Sometimes all it takes is throwing away the entire notebook and buying another whose pages do not contain scribbles from the past, so we can start a new life.