Shaina Mukherjee

Shaina Mukherjee is currently a grade 10 student at DPS, Sharjah. This is her first published book, Venture, which she began writing as a 13-year-old doing her eighth grade. Although she proved her mettle both in academics and extracurriculars, indulging in versatile arenas, reading and writing have always been her greatest passion and strength, which eventually guided her to take up leadership roles in school over the years, consecutively as house captain, president-editorial and editorial coordinator. She had also been a voracious gavelier for the past four years of Dubai Gavel Club (an affiliate of Toastmasters International), currently serving as the vice president of education, undertaking responsibilities such as mentoring, planning, and organizing and meeting the educational needs of each member. In the year 2020–21, she held the position of vice president of public relations at the club. Over the years, she has exhibited exemplary skills and won several inter- and intra-club speech contests.