Shahd Alkubar

The author was born in 1988 in Iraq, and she belongs from the city of Samarra. Her father, Abdullatif Alkubar, is a language teacher, and her grandfather, Fadel Alkubar, is the well-known judge. She lived and studied in Baghdad, where she earned a degree in engineering at the University of Technology. Her husband, Ehsan Yaseen, is an engineer and they have two daughters. The author has been living in the UAE for over nine years. She has loved writing ever since her childhood. She had a dream to publish a book under her name that carries a message and useful wisdom for the society. Today, this dream comes true with Austin Macauley Publishers. It is about a collection of daily events happening in a school which has people from different nationalities and religions. It shows the importance of coexistence that we desperately need in the troubled times our world is now facing which is caused by intolerance of other people.