Sara Mohamed Al Balouchi

Sarah Al-Balushi is a self-made person. She evaluated her previous life, both personal and professional, and then made specific plans, financially, temporally, and scientifically. They also included all other aspects of life, and they included goals that she assiduously implemented in accordance with her priorities. She began to accomplish one goal after another until she reached the point of implementing the most important and prominent ones. Because she has an ambitious and eager soul, what she achieved was not enough for her. She yearned for leadership, excellence, and continuing to achieve more. She developed a clear methodology for her life, through which she overcame many difficulties, inspiring creativity in delivering speech, and being influential, whether with her positive words or her luminous ink which sheds its light, illuminating the dark corners of many of those around her. She starred in many scenes, training situations, and self-development and human development workshops, and she always had a dream for sustainability to be a path for her word and its positive impact on a more comprehensive and broader segment of life, so the path for that was to write a book that carries within letters that carry the characteristics of positivity, love of life, and absent values from the awareness of many of us in light of our fast-paced lives.