Sameera Alhosani

Dr. Sameera Alhosani is an expert in the field of Education, a writer, a school leader, a co-lead inspector and a curriculum designer. Alhosani has endeavored to analyze educational systems in the modern world to enhance sustained learning. Alhosani has obtained her bachelor in English language and literature – UAEU, followed by her first master degree in education from Deakin University – Victoria, Australia – and her second Master degree in educational leadership from HCT – Abu Dhabi. While the third postgraduate degree is in school inspections and regulations from the UCL, which was the path to pursue her PhD – philosophy of education from UAEU. Dr. Alhosani has great passion in history and civilizations so she did more than five post graduate courses in Biblical studies. Her published articles in Alroeya Newspaper reflect cultural, historical and epistemological domains.