Ramla Jaafar Ali

The writer was born in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and grew up in a conservative environment that loves science, encouraging the cultivation of talents and their development, so the writer was pushed from childhood towards highlighting her various hobbies such as drawing, reading, writing, etc. This has formed the nucleus of creativity within the writer, so she grew up with a love of writing and writing down her own thoughts, and what she goes through starting from the diary and memoirs until this book, which is in your hands today. This is the first book in the writer’s career which motivated her to have a second book coming in the way of her dreams. The writer was distinguished by the love of languages and reading all different book genres such as novels, poetry and others. She also has an artistic touch that touches its beauty on papers and on the glass as an artistic masterpiece which can be added next to the beauty of her writings and what its fingertips outline. Since the beginning of her graduation, the author has joined several jobs, the last of which was in the banking services sector. After several years of service and work, she decided to step off and unleash her pen to continue the march.