Omar Al Ahmadi

Omar Ali Al Ahmadi is a UAE citizen who holds an advanced degree in Nautical Science from the University of Tasmania. He is an active member of UAE Volunteer platform (, the Nautical Science and International Association of Maritime Seurity Professionals. He gained several years of experience as a Maritime Security Officer and a Second Mate Deck Officer. Omar’s professional objectives are to contribute to the growth of the work process while focusing on the integration of work and the ongoing development of scientific and practical skills in the maritime industry. He strives to leave a lasting impression by creatively contributing and solidifying the teamwork culture and achieving the highest levels of productivity. Omar grew up in a distinguished household where his father, who is currently retired, was a senior petroleum engineer in a production field had the distinction of being one of the pioneer employees in his country engaged in the oil and gas production industry. His father was Omar’s role model, helped him in valuing the importance of discipline, tenacity, and dedication to achieve personal growth. Omar’s mother is equally distinguished. She is a renowned civil and human rights advocate. Omar's father and mother together best exemplified an Emirati national family, teaching their sons the meaning of belonging to the homeland and the importance of contributing and participating in individual and community development. In addition to his maritime career, Omar is an author, senior internal auditor, and a cancer survivor. He has written the Oral Preparation Watchkeeper Deck, Mates Question and Answer Guidelines as well as numerous articles in Juvenile Association UAE magazine. Omar found inspiration in the words of the revered leader Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul: the civilizations of nations are built by science, good manners, magnanimity, knowledge of the past and looking forward to the present and the future and he who gives and gives more rises more. His strong sense of ambition drives him to continued success. Omar’s mission is to maximize the value of practical knowledge in the institutional field, eports, assessing security Omar is skilled in auditing and evaluating, drafting risks, conducting incident investigations, and building cohesive teams. His critical thinking skills are well honed and he operates well under pressure.