Mayssa Khaznadar

Mayssa is a poet, a feminist, a writer, a reader, and a great listener. She has a passion for teaching and building strong communication with her students. She worked as an English head of department and an English teacher for more than 15 years in various schools. She was known as a quiet and a reticent woman among her friends and family. She believes that the less you have around, the more you gain inside. After marriage, she decided to pursue her dream and be a published writer and had the courage to collect all her teenage prose and diary in the book The Soft Power, named by her husband who referred it to all hardworking women nowadays. The woman in this book may seem languishing but it is by far the most realistic yet dreamy woman we can encounter in our days. She was a simple girl who lived her life anticipating tomorrow and waiting for a chance to change and thought that life was about a man until she realized that the life, she needed was about more than just a lift.