Laila Fathi Al Kilani Ahmad Ibrahim Al Tayeh Hashem Adnan Al Kilani

Dr.. Laila Fathi Zaid Al Kilani Associate Professor at the College of Sports and Physical Activity Sciences, Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman University. • She holds the British Fellowship in Learning and Teaching (FHEA). • She holds a doctorate in biomechanics and a master’s degree in sports training physiology. • Co-author of the book Sensorimotor Integration: Training. • Head of the Fitness Committee in the “Noura Health” program at Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman University. • Secretary General of the Arab Society for Biomechanics in Sports. • A licensed paramedic from the American Heart Association (AHA). • Certified trainer in making training bags using the IMAS matrix from the Canadian Global Center (CGC). • Former member of the Youth Leadership Center for Water Rescue Certification, Supreme Council for Sports/Ministry of Youth and Sports, Amman, Jordan. Dr.. Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Tayeh He previously worked as an assistant professor in the Department of Special Education at Qassim University, King Abdul Aziz University, and Imam Muhammad bin Saud University. • Designer motor training programs to support people with disabilities with individual plans in private and community centres. • Lead author of the book Sensorimotor Integration, Mental Programming through Physical Training. • A modified sports coach and former self-defense and kickboxing player, 4th dan black belt. • A distinguished member of self-defense and kickboxing sports. • Provided a set of special individual training programs to raise the motor skills of beginners. * Designer of a group of movement exercises for the blind. • Creator of Al-Rashed Tracks 1, 2, and 3, sports and protection for the blind. • Designer of physical training bags for people of determination. • Participated in international research and conferences in Canada, the Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. a. Dr.. Hashem Al-Kilani a. Dr.. Hashem Adnan Al-Kilani President of the Arab Society of Biomechanics in Riyadh Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Sports Sciences at the University of Jordan. Professor of Biomechanics and Kinesiology at the Faculty of Sports Sciences at the University of Jordan. Head of the Department of Health and Recreation at the Faculty of Sports Sciences at the University of Jordan. And technical director of the Athletics Federation. Member of the Scientific Committee for Higher Preparation Programs of the Olympic Committee, Member of the American Association for Physical Education and Recreation (APHERD). He is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ISBS), and a member of the International Society for Sports Biomechanics (ACSM).