Khalid Jassim AlMaloud

Khaled Jassim Al-Maloud: Lecturer and trainer in self-development and administrative development. Born in 1976, Muharraq - Kingdom of Bahrain. Father of four sons and three daughters. Bachelor of Business Administration - University of Applied Sciences. Special Diploma in Teaching Methods - University of Bahrain. Diploma in preparing government leaders implemented in the facility by civil society - the International Academy of Joint Commentaries. BITA is a certified coach in coaching from the International Council of Certified Trainers. BITA is a certified member of the Self-Development Council of the American Board of Internationally Accredited Management. Certified trainer in training games from the American Center for Professional Training. Certified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming from the Canadian Center. Certified Human Energy Practitioner from the Canadian Center. A leading coach from Vision Academy - Britain. Head of the International Quranic Competitions 2010 AD. Member of the Bahraini Board of Directors 2011 - 2014. Head of Activities and Programs 2015-2016. Currently Head of Hajj and Umrah Affairs. Currently Secretary-General of the Kingdom of Bahrain Hajj Mission. Founder of NYB Management Consulting and Management Consulting. Founder of the Taqat team for capacity development and capacity building.