Hessa Sef Alshamsi

Hessa Sef Ibrahim Alghazal Alshamsi is neither a legend nor a mysterious puzzle to look for her identity. She is a simple woman in her thirties, who loves writing and literature, works in an official job and is always honored to be called a “mother.” She may not be the person you can meet every evening to have your cup of coffee with, but she is sure that her words will inevitably touch feelings that may still be stuck in your memory. She does not have a solution to what happened in your life, so please excuse her, and she has no power to change your reality. This is only in the hands of God, and it is enough for her for you to find among the lines she wrote what touches your feelings, and restores hope to yourself again, to realize that what has passed was nothing but a lesson, and that the best is yet to come, so wait for it in a manner worthy of the beauty of your gentle heart.