Dr. Hasan Yaser Malik

Dr. Hasan Yaser Malik holds Master Degrees in English, International Relations, Warfare Studies and Special Education. He did Ph.D. in International Relations, his thesis is titled as ‘Strategic Significance of Gwadar Deep Sea Port: Regional and Extra Regional Dimensions’. The author has a few International Research Contributions to his credit and has hundreds of readers. He is associated with various research and academic institutions and is also an editorial team member with a few International Research Journals. Author has served as a part of United Nations in African Peninsula and has earned a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’. As part of corporate experience, he has led various projects of social and business development. Presently, he is pursuing to study International Law. Apart from research, he has interest in Flying and Deep Sea Diving and has visited Africa and Europe. He can be contacted at hasanyaser91@gmail.com.