Hanan Ghaith

Hanan Ghaith is a director, producer, writer, and tv announcer in the field of children's media. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Higher Colleges of Technology. She obtained a Master's degree in Media with honors from the Australian University, and has a diploma in directing and digital marketing. She trained and worked with the first cable television network. She climbed the professional ladder until she became the projects, promotion, and production manager. Additionally, she is the first Emirati woman to produce national cartoons with international standards, and her work has been shown on local channels and festivals. Her cartoons have garnered high views across eLife, YouTube, and kids applications. She prepared, directed, and presented children's programs in Arabic and English. Her cartoon project "Dana & Friends" was highlighted at the annual cartoon festival in Annecy, and also in the Republic of Chile. She published a children's book entitled "The Confused Zafaran". Hanan participated in many charitable and community events on a professional and personal level, and won numerous awards for her academic excellence and creative employee certificates.