Hamsa Hussein Sarmak

Hussain Sarmak Iraqi .. 32 years old. She holds a BA from the College of Pharmacy - University of Baghdad. I worked in several hospitals inside Iraq. Passionate about reading and the fascinating world of books since childhood. She believes that every person has the power to change the world from his position, or to contribute to adding beauty to this world, regardless of the size of this change or this beauty. She believes in the great role of reading in changing man and his reality, expanding his horizons, and creating new paths and opportunities in life. She challenged herself to read 100 books in one year, and here she shares her experience with readers, seeking to contribute to adding change and a beautiful impact on this life, and seeking to direct greater attention to the impact of reading. She presents the results of this Year of Reading trip and the ideas, opinions, impressions and beauty that resulted from it, on the pages of this first book (A Walk in the World Library)!