Giannis Andreou

Giannis Andreou is a self-made entrepreneur/investor/social influencer who possesses various skills. He started as a self-taught entrepreneur and then trained by the world’s most successful millionaires and billionaires online and offline. He has over 12 years of experience in the digital economy. ★★★ Skills and Expertise ★★★ ✔ Blockchain and cryptocurrencies ✔ Online and offline marketing ✔ Sales ✔ Electronic commerce ✔ Social media marketing ✔ Public speaking ✔ Real estate, personal finance and wealth creation ✔ Branding social media ✔ Affiliate marketing Giannis has skills and knowledge not only in the digital economy, but also in interpersonal relations. Over the last 10 years, he has taught the above topics to over 1000,000 people all over the world through his academy and social media. He is also the author of other books and the creator of educational programs. Giannis has created over 30 online courses as well as over 4000 educational videos, most of which can be found on Giannis Andreou’s social media accounts. In the last two years, he has created over 1400 free educational videos on his YouTube channel about cryptocurrencies, which are a new sector in the world of finance. Currently, his channel has reached to be the #1 channel in Greece and Cyprus for cryptocurrencies and now expanding all over the world. Giannis has created his own online academy for the digital economy, There he has his own course series, as well as courses from other experts in cryptocurrencies, e-commerce, social media, and online marketing and much more.