Felwa Al Ameri, Hind Al Ameri

Hind Al Ameri is a marine scientist working in marine assessment and conservation. She is passionate about all things related to the environment and hopes to be a leading figure in this field both locally and globally. Educating children has always been a goal of Hind no matter what she does, but her scientific way of thinking overtook her ability in creative writing. Her sister, Felwa, has always been passionate about reading since they were young and Hind always saw potential for Felwa in that area. Hind proposed the idea of a children’s book and Felwa welcomed the idea with open arms. Felwa Al Ameri is a mother of four and a full-time engineer in the oil & gas business. Her love for books and reading fused her conviction in reading to her children. Becoming an author was always a dream that was out of reach, but the dedication and support given by Hind Alameri, in addition to Hind’s contagious passion towards the environment, has been the key needed to set things in motion.