Dr. Wissam Nassib Monzer

Dr. Wissam Nassib Monzer is a psychologist. He holds a PhD in Special Education, specifically in the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis in working with autistic children. He works as an Assistant Professor at Stockholm University, Sweden. In addition to: Supervising program (The Future Institute for Children with Special Needs in Syria). He has a number of publications in his specialty, and holds several certificates in the fields of autism, special education and family counseling. Dr. Wissam runs www.futurecenter.se, which provides behavioral support and training for families of children with special needs, as well as for special education workers in general. In 2014, the author discussed his doctoral thesis in special education under the title: The effectiveness of a training program based on applied behavior analysis methods in reducing undesirable behaviors among a sample of children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The aforementioned program was implemented with the participation of the mothers of these children. Dr Wissam also focuses in his research on intensive and early behavioral intervention in the education and training of children with autism. He is interested in working with their families as he believes that the theoretical starting point in implementing appropriate and evidence-based programs is the participation of parents, given that families are the first environment in which the child relates within the family; Where the child's need for security and stability is met, and it is the most important environment in which the child's personality is formed. Communication and interaction between the child and the parents also play the most important role in the long-term development of the child.