Dr. Eman Ismail Althawadi

Dr Eman Ismail Al-Thawadi: - He was born in the city of Muharraq in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 1979. She has memorised the Noble Qur’an by Hafs’s narration, and is interested in religious research related to the analysis of Qur’anic and hadith texts of Qudsi and the Prophet. She presented her master’s thesis on the topic: Qur’anic Verse – An Analytical Study in the Structural and Linguistic Structure, at the University of Bahrain in the year 2007, and the doctoral thesis was on the topic, Levels of Discourse – An Applied Grammatical Study in the Authentic Hadiths. The research was awarded first honours from the Faculty of Dar Al Uloom at Cairo University for the year 2017, and the book is a summary of what was stated in the message. The researcher was awarded the Khalil bin Ahmed Al-Farahidi Prize for Excellence in Arabic language sciences from the University of Bahrain for the year 2002. She holds a position as an assistant professor at the Abdullah bin Khalid College of Islamic Studies in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and has many volunteer activities in the field of charitable work and caring for students.