Asmaa fahad Alserihi

Asmaa Fahad Alserihi is seventeen years old. A high school student, she possesses one talent among others, which is writing. She discovered her talent at the age of fifteen, and she wrote the first article in the month of Ramadan. Her siblings and one of her friends saw it first, and they supported her and expressed their admiration for her article and her words. A week after that article, she was able to write another article, and she also received encouragement and support from a group of friends. Then she began posting her writings on Instagram, and it lasted for several months. She wrote and shared two articles in her school. After witnessing the acceptance and admiration of her writings, she decided to delete all what she had written previously, and to start writing this book out of the desire that the book will be the beginning of her career, and she hopes that this book will be a surprise to her parents.