Alabbas Hamidaddin

Alabbas Ibn Alabbas is considered a pioneer in the animation industry in the Arab region, and much is attributed to him in developing animation in the Middle East by providing a platform for Arabs to communicate, act and express themselves through art and animation. His career began in 1992 with the establishment of Alsahar Company in Cairo, which is the first animation production company in the Arab world. His interest in developing the Arab animation industry, his work as a producer for over 30 years, and collaborating with the industry's top talents has enhanced his expertise in storytelling and drama. He also expanded his influence when he launched MediaBox Productions in Jeddah, which resulted in producing more than 5,000 minutes of animation for the Arab market to date. In 2019, he produced the movie The Knight and the Princess, which was shown in a cinematic version in the Kingdom and in several Arab countries, which was nominated in the most important international animation festival ANNECY2020, and won the best animated feature film at the ANIMAFILM 2021 festival, and is currently streaming on Netflix and other online streaming sites.