Akram Mohammad Alamawi

Akram Mohammad Alamawi, born in the Palestinian city of Hebron, where the Ibrahimi Mosque is located. He grew up in a conservative family in the village of (Masmiya), located south of the coastal city of Jaffa. The writer lived all the events of displacement and diaspora. He received his education in Jordan with the help and guidance of his parents, which was achieved by the grace of God for all the author's brothers and sisters. He completed his university education in a European university, and obtained a master's degree in engineering. Among his hobbies are abstract painting and writing modern poetry. The writer inherited from his father the constant contemplation of the greatness and power of God, and the inspiring father had a great impact on refining his personality. He loved research and reading at a young age, and all disciplines and scientific discoveries always aroused his curiosity during all stages of his life.