Ahmed Al Shamsi

Ahmed Al Shamsi holds: - A master's degree in human resources management and a master's in project management. - Bachelor's degree from Newcastle University, UK. He is also a certified trainer from the American Professional Training Centre. He is interested in creativity and the power of imagination and also interested in topics pertaining to skills development. He has more than 20 years of experience in the governmental and semi-governmental sectors. He is the author of 365 Days of Imaginative Drawing and has another book in the making called What Do You Expect (Imagine) Would Happen? And Why? Choose One. He presents workshops such as “Life is Better with Skills”, “Problem Solving Skill”, “How Children Learn Imagination?” and “3 Amazing Exercises to Enhance Imagination”. He has also completed a training course on (Design Thinking Skills) and received a certificate of appreciation from Al Ain Municipality to participate and win the Innovations in the Emirates competition in 2017. His goal in life is to “teach people good.”