Ahmad Ali Makki

Ahmed Ali Makki, born in Beirut in 1950 and has been living in Kuwait since 1976. He loved the Arabic language and the study of law, so he joined the Lebanese University in Beirut, studied the Arabic language and its literature, and obtained a master's degree in 1979 with distinction. He also studied law at the Lebanese University as well. He is an old journalist, seeing as he worked in the Kuwaiti press for forty-five years, and rose through positions to managing editor and consultant. He fell in love with writing novels after his retirement. He practiced it, and that resulted in his first three novels: Al-Hob Al-Majuroh, The Tale of a First Wife, Revelation of Jasmines, and a specialized book on journalism titled: The Road to Journalism, Roses and Thorns, all of which were featured in the Cairo and Baghdad International Book Exhibitions in 2022. He wrote two other novels: The Heart Does Not Beat Twice and Return My Heart. He established a media and press consultancy platform to spread and share his expertise and experience to those who love the profession.