Adli Amer Mohammad Al Khatib

The author has loved the word of God (the Qur’an) since his childhood, and he kept wishing and searching for a source of knowledge that would fill his conscience with the Qur’an, such as a single surah or word, but he did not find it until he fulfilled this wish himself after more than thirty-five years of work, summarized in this book. The author did not study religious sciences. He is a legal quantity surveyor. He worked for thirty-seven years in contracting companies, but his passion for the Qur’an made him study, in parallel with his work and family duties, everything that is available in libraries about the sciences of the Qur’an and famous interpretations, and other books on jurisprudence, history, and biography, astronomy, nature, man, magazines, and articles, and extracts from them what is useful in writing and presenting this book to readers in the simplest and most creative way possible.