Adham Munther

In the time of blue pages, he decided to be a white page, in which he writes about humans and life, about social relations and their worlds that are hidden behind the glass of souls and the silence of hearts; in short, it is a space of emptiness in a world crowded with ideas, and every soul eager for elevation and transcendence flees from it, so that one day it will be what it aspires to be. ((I drew the first letters with a pencil when I was a child discovering words, recognizing them so that I could erase them easily with a small eraser if I didn’t like them, and when the world grew inside me and its walls caged me, I wrote about it with a blue pen, vocabulary and structures that cannot be erased from my memory that is made of rock, and today, I opened the door to my soul and I let it embrace the sky, and from that moment on, the world for me was a white board on which I drew scribbles and art, and the faces of people whom life threw on my bumpy path and my crazy, boundless world, so I weave lines or pages from their remnants and write as much as I can)).