Abdullah AL-Hammad

The author is a professional economist and holds a degree in development economics from the United States. He worked as an economist throughout his career until he retired. He is an active person and has numerous hobbies. He reads for at least six hours a day from various genres because he sees a close link between all specializations that cannot be separated. If they are separated, then that would result in an imbalance, affecting the personality and thought of the individual. Nevertheless, he believes in the importance of the major specialization as well as the minor one. A lover of literature from childhood, he organizes poetry and writes stories; he has many reflections, but in the last ten years, the subject of education has taken over all his thoughts, effort, and time. After a long contemplation, he derived the result that education and its outputs (often) do not add an integrated and distinctive figure to life. This figure, no matter how accomplished it is at the scientific level, remains educationally deficient. This deficiency is difficult to remedy at an advanced age because the precise and preferred time to establish a character is during the pre-school years, especially the first three years of human life. This is what led him to write a two-part book on the subject: Learn and Do Not Work and The Residential Neighborhood. He is also interested in the subject of comparative religions and the purposes of Shari’a. He wrote a book titled Strike Them, which studies Verse 34 from the fourth surah in the Qur’an, Surat An-Nisa’a. He is currently studying the social role of religion.