Steps To Become An Author in the UAE


Writing a well-scripted manuscript is one thing, but getting your completed book out in the market is a complex, yet systemized procedure that can be broken down into a number of different steps. Once you have finalized the genre that suits your style best, it is time to pen down the writing. The process of becoming an author initiates with scribbling off your story on the paper as an initial draft.

To get your book published, there are a handful of ways to execute and satisfy your publishing conduct. If you are uncertain about the right mode for your meticulous title, then this process can become more and more complicated. Austin Macauley Publishers help you choose the most clear-cut path for the purpose of publishing your book, to assist you in the process.

Among all the countless ways to get your manuscript book bound, the central routes Austin Macauley offers fit into one of the following classifications:

  • Traditional Publishing

  • Hybrid Publishing

Traditional publishing was the only method writers were familiar with, before the emergence of hybrid publishing, which occupies a common ground between traditional and self-publishing methods. The ancient traditional publishing model requires you to commission an agent to pitch your book to the publishers, without the guarantee that it will be heard any time soon, which happens quite often. Whereas hybrid publishing is a catch-all umbrella term used to refer to the middle ground of the publishing world, often described by terms such as author-assisted publishing, independent publishing, partnership publishing, co-publishing, and entrepreneurial publishing.

Hybrid publishers offer value to the writers about something that they might not have at the time, desire, or expertise to perform themselves. They are, however, discerning and own editorial standards about what to publish.

So with that perfect book in mind, we’ve culled a list of tips to help ensure that your next book reaches more than the members of your creative writing group. Follow these steps, and you could be among the next hit titles!

Become a Better Reader

It has been a universal rule of becoming an author; all the praised authors are undoubtedly voracious readers. In order to expose your mind to high-quality writing, you need to read and read a lot more. You will develop the fine elements of the context in your work without realizing it and your writing will improve in no time. So to begin the journey of your book, read more and write more; every day.

Spot Your Genre

The agents, bookshops, and the publishers are keen and particular about the genre of your book. Your book may fall into a single dominant or a combination of varied genres. In order to attract the right audience for your book, you need to classify your book with caution as it serves as an extremely helpful sales tool.

You can aid yourself in pitching your book by comparing your book to a similar one already breathing in the market. This works alike in choosing the right hook to hang your book on. Your book will be relatable and be classified in a better way. The readers who have enjoyed the similar previous read will definitely pursue your book. Being a writer you will have your own ‘authorial voice’ but this practice helps to classify your book better.

Showcase Your Writing

A good practice is to first publish you, before publishing the book. Building and developing your social and online platform is an extremely important step. Whether you have penned down your manuscript or have just begun scribbling, start building your platform now. This will help you in receiving the feedback early and give ample chance to improve where your story lacks.

You can choose the following ways to raise your public presence:

  • Start A Blog
  • Write On Online Platforms
  • Write Online Short Stories

Find a literary agent/ publisher

The traditional publishing method demands literary agents to process the underlying manuscripts. Contrary to that, hybrid publishing can work just as well, without the need for an agent. Agents usually submit and process your work on your behalf to different publishers. Hiring an agent comes with its own benefits, but why amplify the already long process when you have the option to process your manuscript directly at Austin Macauley through hybrid publishing.

Prepare your materials

You need to prepare your supporting materials beforehand at the beginning of the process. This will include the sample chapters of your book, and the synopsis. This can collectively be named as your book proposal. To get published, they can become essential pieces of documentation.

Austin Macauley offers an exceptionally convenient method to allow you to submit your manuscripts. To let your potential demonstrate by your writing, Austin Macauley Publishers will seek the following requirements to initiate the process of your book publishing.

The required materials include:

  • Synopsis
  • Cover Letter
  • Manuscript

Submit to Austin Macauley

Austin Macauley is successfully winning hearts and giving a voice to new authors throughout the world. If you are dreaming to become an author in the UAE, then reach out to us today!

You can choose to submit your work to us through email, post or through our website. Begin with filling out the online form on the page, your work will then be transferred to our editorial department for further processing. If your work is approved by us, you will officially be on board to embark your journey as a soon-to-be-successful author in the literary world.

Final Words

The journey to becoming an author is indeed a long process and requires a lot of patience. With the growing sway of becoming an author in UAE, Austin Macauley has proven to pay its part in extending measures to facilitate every new emerging writer.

Coming with all its hardships and rejections, becoming an author is an exciting journey in itself. Similar to many other industries in UAE, this industry is evolving with time and has embraced new and emerging publishing methods as well, including the ever-growing hybrid method with the help of publishing houses like us.

As a writer, you need to arm yourself with exposure and knowledge by reading a lot, you may find attending extensive courses and events can help! Get social and enjoy interactions with authors, agents, and publishers.

All the hard work eventually pays off and when it does, you will certainly enjoy the moment when you hold your first ever book in your hands. After that, the pressure gets shifted to the publisher for marketing, which we abide whole-heartedly!

If you have an amazingly written manuscript waiting to be heard, then connect with Austin Macauley to their vast milieu of fiction and non-fiction books. Authors who are willing may drop their manuscripts with us, as we are accepting them worldwide.

8 Ways to Become a Better English Writer


We are all aware of the importance of English language and can’t emphasize more on its prominence. Being a global language, it is one of the most read, written and spoken language in the world. English literature has always produced renowned writers and writing is no less than an art.

Let’s discuss some major points that will enable you to better in English Writing and get a hold of this art.

Read, read and read:

This is one of the simplest and the go to step for those who want to excel in English writing. The formula is simple, you need to read, read and read, if you want to become a good writer. Consume as much language as you can, for it is going to serve as the basis of your writing skills.

Read whatever you like, pick up a book, magazine, newspaper or anything of your choice or select any blog posts. Read anything, but make sure that you read a lot.

Write a lot:

You must be aware of the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’, it stands perfectly true for writing. Writing is a skill and it can be perfected like any other skill. Write daily and make it a habit of yours and set goals for yourself to improve every day.

Just enjoy your writing and write about different things, change genres periodically. Initially you won’t be able to come up with lengthy articles and essays but keep on going even if you are writing a few lines. A title and a small paragraph would do it, but never stop writing.

Don’t hustle into things, be patient. Improvement will come with every passing day. Get your juices flowing, think, come up, innovate and throw your thoughts on the paper without thinking about the quality. Just keep going.

Don’t bother learning grammar or vocabulary:

If you aren’t a grammar expert, it can be a blessing in disguise, after all you are still learning. Although, some people may not agree with this idea. When in process, don’t bother about the perfect, error free grammar or trying to use the most polished words as it can hamper your flow and thought process.

What you need to do is to read your favourite blogs, books, eBooks or whatever and note down the phrases and words that attract you. Search for their meaning and pay attention to how they are used in the sentence.

When you start practicing writing, try to use the exact phrase appropriately, doing this a few times will mean that you’ve understood its meaning and know how to use it. After sometime you can write it naturally without even thinking about it.

Just go however you want:

In the initial phases of learning how to write, you don’t have to follow a certain template. Just go however you want and express your thoughts wildly. After sometime, start using some basic writing templates when you start writing something new.

For instance this article, is a list template, which enlists all the important points under headings etc.

Consult friends and family:

Sometimes it becomes hard to judge one’s own writing, that’s where friends and family can help. Everyone has a person in his family or friends list who’s English writing is better than them. Ask them to have a look at your piece of writing and give feedback.

Outer eye perspective is great for your writings and will let you know about your weaknesses and strengths.

Keep in touch with bloggers and writers:

Whatever you are writing, it’s quite likely that someone else is also doing the same. Get in touch with them through emails or social media. Be friends with them and ask for their feedback, tips and tricks to do better.

Most bloggers are kind enough to lend a helping hand and do it quite happily.

Educate yourself:

Apart from all the points discussed above, you need to learn from successful writers who lead the market. Subscribe to their blogs, read their books and grasp the ideas of how they engage the reader. Find out how they put creativity into their work, how they maintain the flow and lots more.

Bonus tip:

One tip that you will really find interesting and which readily improves English is watching movies, listening to English news, watching sports and listening to its commentary. Entertainment and education at the same time. Isn’t it great? You can grasp English language while having some quality time with family and friends.

Try it, it really works.


If you aren’t a native English writer and reading this article then you know that it isn’t difficult to write well in English. But success doesn’t come over night and you have to wait and be patient until you reach that point where you want to be.

Be committed and give your best, don’t shy away from the challenges and slowly and gradually you will be there, where you want to be, now.