All You Need To Know About Ramadan & Our Top Books To Read

Books to read during Ramadan

Ramadan is here and we could not be more excited! The month of fasting and spiritual care is sure to aid those who celebrate the festival to be more focused in how they worship God. It’s also called the month of reflection and self-improvement.

Every year, as the month of Ramadan comes around it brings with itself numerous blessings, love, gratitude, care and the remembrance of Almighty Allah. According to the Quran, Allah says:

“O you who have believed, remember Allah with much remembrance.”
(Surah Ahzab: 41)

Ramadan permits Muslim to improve the relationship with Almighty Allah. And for this, what more important than remembering Him by means of zikr and reap greater blessings from Him as it is mentioned in the holy book:

“Then remember Me, I will remember you.”
Surah Baqrah: 152)

What’s Ramadan?

The ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar is Ramadan. Muslims celebrate this holy month of Ramadan to commemorate the day that Allah has sent an angel over Prophet Muhammad to unravel the Quran in 610 AD. This event is known as ‘Laylat al Qadar’ in Arabic which means the night of power.

When is Ramadan?

The time Ramadan begins and its end changes each year because it’s determined by the Islamic lunar calendar and moon cycle. The time of the beginning of Ramadan is determined by the appearance of the crescent moon’s new phase by the religious authorities. Even though Muslims are waiting for the moon’s appearance before the first of Ramadan is revealed; however, they can predict the date of its arrival. Ramadan typically lasts from 29 to 30 days, based on when the new crescent moon appears.

What’s The Primary Motive Behind Ramadan?

In Ramadan, Muslims aim to improve their spirituality and be closer with Allah and their family members. They accomplish this by abstaining from alcohol, smoking, and sexual interactions between sunset and sunrise every day. Ramadan is also be a period for unification and spiritual reflection. Muslims devote their time to prayer in the mosque, reading the Quran and performing good actions. They give money to charities and spend time with their family members, and refrain from the temptation to gossip, lie and fight.

What is The Reason Why Muslims Observe Fasting During Ramadan?

Fasting is essential during Ramadan because it lets Muslims be devoted to their religion, grow more connected to Allah, and develop compassion and patience. It’s about feeding your soul instead of just looking after your body. It’s also among the Five Pillars of Islam which constitute the foundation on which Muslims conduct their daily lives (the other are prayer, faith charity, and the pilgrimage to Mecca).

Everyone Muslims generally follow the practice of fasting except for those who are pregnant, sick women, lactating, old, or traveling. If you don’t fast on a particular day, you can make up for them throughout the year.

What Happens at The End of Ramadan?

A three-day special festival known as Eid Al-Fitr signifies the end of Ramadan. It starts with the first glimpse of the moon’s new phase that appears in the night sky. It’s a joyful time that sees Muslims celebrating the end of fasting, praising Allah for all the blessings we have.

For three days, Muslims attend prayers in the morning and spend time with neighbors and loved ones. After that, they can enjoy a tasty traditional meal with families and friends. Children are often gifted with presents and are expected to offer them to those who are in need. In order to symbolize solidarity, Ramadan is a time that Muslims across the world gather to celebrate their faith.

Books to Read During Ramadan

One of the easiest ways to seek nearness with Allah is to recite the Holy Quran. It is the best method to remember and be connected to Allah Almighty, and nothing supersedes reciting the Quran and praying. Additionally, you must also take part in zikr for more blessings from Allah during this holy month called Ramadan.

We all know that the Quran is an essential read for all Muslims; however, if you seek other books to aid in your personal growth, don’t worry! We’ve collected some titles from different genres that you can take a look at. To celebrate unity, humility, and self-improvement, we’ve put together a list to make it easier for you to select which books to read during Ramadan! To commemorate this beautiful month of blessings, Austin Macauley Publishers brings 25% off on the entire stock. So what are you waiting for? Grab your favourite books today and don’t forget to use the discount code: RAMADAN25.

  1. The Modern Statistic of the Most Beautiful Names of God
  2. Pillars of Islam
  3. Sada-e-Haqq
  4. Brief History of Islamic Sects
  5. Brief History of Islamic Civilization
  6. Basics in Children’s Education
  7. Nutrition Plans

Whether you are not well-versed with the concept of Ramadan or you’re just excited at the mere mention of it, these Ramadan books will satiate your thirst for knowledge with some nutritious recipes to keep you healthy during the month and afterward. These books to read in Ramadan have a little something for everyone.

We hope that all your prayers are answered this holy month of Ramadan and that you achieve all the spiritual elevation your heart desires.

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Happy and blessed Ramadan, folks!

Empowering Teachers and Students Alike with Our Educative Reads!

Empowering Teachers and Students Alike with Our Educative Reads

As teachers play a vital role in imparting the knowledge to the younger generations, so it is of the utmost priority that they get authentic information. The teachers must be careful while delivering lectures to the students as they contribute to make them an asset. Furthermore, the students must also listen to their teachers to get the required and updated information. They must learn from their teachers to read the best books that will bring confidence in them to participate in healthy discussions.

As Colleen Wilcox says,

“Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.”

Here are some of the recommended books for the teachers and students to read this International Teacher and Student month.

Phonological Error Patterns from a Clinical Perspective

Phonological Error Patterns from a Clinical Perspective

It is our first recommended book for the teachers and specifically for the students as it provides an understanding of the phonological error patterns. The systematic errors by children are common during the learning process and expressing the knowledge. It identifies the common phonological errors neglected by children. This evaluation assists in the diagnosis of common phonological and articulation disorders. It also discusses the differences between phonology and speech. Other dimensions include normal speech development, phonological mistake patterns, and ways to diagnose speech sound abnormalities. It also examines speech sound abnormalities more thoroughly.

Teachers and students must click here to improve their phonological errors.



A Practice

A Practice

It is one of the best books for students studying in school. It helps in learning as it describes the stories of twelve children having learning issues. Each of them gets help from a tutor to improve their learning problems. Their tutor is an expert in The Clinical Teaching Model, and she delineates the achievements and the issues of curative tutoring. The journey of tutoring comes across modern theories and techniques of teaching.

Click here to practice the best learning and tutoring methods.




Adam’s First Day at School

Adam’s First Day at School

It is the story of Adam who is excited about his very first day at school. He is happy to make new friends in school and to learn from new teachers. A new chapter of life is going to start for Adam. Find out what he will learn on his first day.

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Aisen’s School Diary

Aisen’s School Diary

This is one of the best books to read in October, the International month of teachers and students. The book has described the story of the school life of Aisen and her friends. They have got admission in an international school where they get exposure to students of different nations and religions. It comprises the memories of daily events in school. By reading this book, you will enjoy the entertaining journey of Aisen and her friends in school life. Eventually, they learn from some incidents that occur one day.

Click here to start an exciting journey of school life with Aisen and her friends!


Is It Uncool to Go to School

Is It Uncool to Go to School

It is a story about Peter, a boy who does not like to go to school. It is difficult for him to wake up early in the morning every day. So, his mother decides to assist him. It is a thought-provoking book that will make little students mindful of the need and importance of going to school.

Click here to grab your copy. It is a must-read book to encourage students to get up and go to school.


Effective Leadership and Performance Effectiveness – Leadership to Ward Off Harm and Bring Interests

Effective Leadership and Performance Effectiveness – Leadership to Ward Off Harm and Bring Interests

This book falls under the category of ‘books for leaders.’ It motivates students to develop leadership skills and encourages teachers to utilize their leadership skills effectively. Abdullah Hussain Shugaibel discovered in his book that the magnitude of response depends on the acts of persuasive power. An effective leadership determines the performance of an institution. Effective leadership is achievable by making bold decisions to avoid harm and dedicating oneself to bringing interests together, which leads to progress by the execution of the necessary actions promptly. This book gives the concept of successful leadership, and performance effectiveness is based on making courageous and dedicated judgments and then doing the right things in the right way.

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Smart Architecture

Smart Architecture

This book proposes a scientific research technique for debating between two architectural camps: identity and scientific development for advanced architecture. There are various extensive arguments in this book that analyse the benefits and drawbacks of both adherence to identity and modern architecture. It provides a neutral perspective that allows readers to conclude the debate and to select between the two. It must be a good read for the students to enhance their knowledge in the era of technological advancement.

Get this thought-provoking book here.


The Four Levels of HR Excellence

The Four Levels of HR Excellence

This book facilitates the knowledge of HR management. It provides an easy and innovative way of bringing change in the development of HR departments in the present era.  This book is based on the four levels of the HR excellence model. This book can help any HR department in strategy formulation, previewing the concepts of HR into easy illustrations, and to make a framework to keep a check on HR effectiveness.

This is a specifically recommended book for educators.

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TV News 3.0

TV News 3.0

This book describes the journey of media advancement. The news of every happening gets digitalized on the news channels. All the developed news channels have competitors. In this growing era of technology, it is hard to trust authentic information as we do not know the facts of every happening. From an educational perspective, this book helps teachers in understanding the logical information that may facilitate the teachers to gather factual data. In this way, a teacher can provide quality knowledge to the students that will ultimately develop their future opinions.

It will be a good read for the teachers to tackle the fast flow of information. Click here to get the book.


Pick few books to dedicate to your teachers and students this October. Take this chance and start a hobby of book reading. It will have positive effects on your life with surprising benefits. Get ready to read your compelling book from the collection of our best books!

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