How to Set Your Children’s Reading Routine?

children's reading routine

Are you juggling work and personal commitments and struggling to make time to impart important life skills that you are aware your children require? Instilling a love for reading in your children from an early age can prove immensely beneficial as they grow up. You’ll cherish the joy your child experiences in reading, and the time you spend helping your child learn to read is worth every minute.

If you’re looking to help your child become an avid reader, there are a few things more crucial than keeping up with the habit of reading for your kid. It can assist in helping to build stamina for reading and inspire a lifetime fascination with books! With just a few easy steps, you will be able to transform reading into one of your child’s most-loved activities for the year ahead.

Here are some tips to help encourage reading at home. They will not only help your child across all subjects but also reintroduce them to the pleasure of reading for enjoyment independently.

Make Reading a Daily Habit

You can ensure to raise a reader as soon as your newborn gets home. DO you know why? Well, babies love the gentle sound of a reader’s voice and being snuggled on a warm lap. If you incorporate reading into your routine, your child will likely adapt to reading while growing up.

Children can begin developing a good habit of reading at home, and if you wish to learn more on how to encourage good reading habits in kids, check out the linked blog.

Read in Front of Your Kid

Let your child watch your reading if you are a fan of magazines, books, or graphic novels. Children benefit from their observations. If you’re enthusiastic about reading, your child will be able to sense your excitement.

Taking Fun Library Visits is a Must

The library is an excellent spot to find new authors and check out books at no cost. A lot of libraries offer reading sessions as well as other reading programs designed for children. Going to the library gives your child an opportunity to build excellent reading habits and observe other children who are doing the same.

Create the Space for Reading

The first thing you should remember when planning routines to read to your child is to designate the space as a separate area for reading. Ask your child’s opinion about what they find most effective. Help them organize the area and personalize it to their taste and interests. Is there any special pet to use as an ideal reading companion or a blanket or hat that you can use to read in? Even the smallest of details can create a more welcoming space to relax while reading a book.

Let Your Kids Decide the Books to Read

The trip to the library is more memorable if you allow your child the opportunity to browse and discover. Children are more likely to desire to read something they select for themselves. If you’re worried about getting the right book or subject for your child’s reading ability, then provide your child with a set of books available to select from.

Create a Schedule

Making a schedule that you adhere to when reading encourages your child to be more inclined to read independently.

“Work with your child to set a specific time each night that supports a regular routine where other things aren’t scheduled,” says Burke.

Remember that this doesn’t need to be a strict process. It can instead be a relaxed family time.

Lead by Example

One of the most significant actions is showing your child good reading behavior. Switch off the television and put down your mobile and enjoy time reading a book. Your child will discover that reading books can bring them pleasure.

Make Use of a Calendar

We recommend using visual tools so your child can see the progress they make using a calendar. You can use calendars where your child can write down the amount of time they spend reading and the days they read on, and it can be a visual aid for them.

Talk About It

While having the meals together, engaging in a lively discussion on the book your kid is reading will bring enthusiasm to their reading habits. This encourages your child’s reading habit as you discuss what they’re reading, and you can both connect over reading books. This is a fantastic method of assessing your child’s reading comprehension. It is important to talk about the book in a way that feels natural and conversational instead of taking a quiz.

Expose Your Child to Different Genres of Books

Find a book that seems interesting to your child. Explore various genres such as mystery, science fiction, comics, science-fiction, etc. The more engaged your children are with the subject, the more they will want to read!

Support Your Child

If your child is struggling with reading and becomes annoyed, step back and look at what areas he or she may be struggling with. Speak to your kids about the issue and resolve it as earliest as possible.

Reading Should Be Fun and Should Not Be Forced!

Follow these steps to help your children become excited about reading so that you can help them become more effective readers. With a bit of concentration and direction, it is possible to get your kids the boost in reading they need.

You can incorporate storytime into your child’s daily routine to encourage the love of books. The book can be a great resource when getting ready for bed. Sitting down to read with your children can signal to them that it’s time to go to sleep. It could also be at the end of the day or whenever you think they need silence. If you’re searching for good children’s books to read to your kids, check out the books from our children’s genre.

If you do this during the exact same period each day, your child will become familiar with the routine and look for pleasure in reading. If they begin to enjoy books, they will be more comfortable with them when they are able to read on their own.

Make sure you stick to your plan. The occasional day off is acceptable, but you should be sure to stick to the routine most of the time.

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10 Interesting StoryBooks to Get Your Kids Excited About Summer Reading!

StoryBooks to Get Your Kids Excited About Summer Reading

Summertime is the favourite time of the year for many kids, especially because the schools are closed and they have plenty of time to play with friends and spend days with family. Many like to go on vacations or for picnics at a nearby park. Some like to spend their afternoons swimming while others find it amusing to go for walks, ride their bicycles or read storybooks. Reading is a fun way to learn about new things and increase one’s knowledge. It is a proven fact that kids who are avid readers tend to become more focused and learned when they are older. Reading also increases their attention span, vocabulary and creativity.

Keeping in view these amazing benefits of reading, we have some books suggestions for your little ones so they can enjoy the long summer days by reading these exciting books. So, let’s splash into the world of reading.


Aisen’s School Diary

Aisen’s School Diary

The first book we have selected for your little one is a children’s story about a girl named Aisen. She along with her friends attend an international school. This school has students from different ethnicities and religions. This story takes us through the journey of Aisen with her friends in a diverse environment. They love their school and enjoy playing and having fun. But one day, something unusual happens which teaches them an important lesson. To find out more about Aisen and her journey, buy this book here.


Blossoming Kindness

Blossoming Kindness

Our second choice for kids’ books is a story with a lesson. Grandpa Hadid has taken four of his grandchildren on a journey to teach them about a valuable lesson of kindness. Together they learn to be more compassionate and kinder to each other and the world around them. Join Grandpa Hadid and his grandchildren in this inspiring journey of learning empathy and kindness. You can buy this book here.





Clementine and her SUPER FOOD Friends

Clementine and her SUPER FOOD Friends

If you have picky eaters in your home, then this book is a must-read for your little ones. This book is about crunchy vegetables and fruits which are superfoods but many kids reject to eat them. So, buy this book here and teach your kids about the importance of making healthy eating choices.




Expo 2020 Dubai Mascots Activity Book

Expo 2020 Dubai Mascots Activity Book

Most 6-year-olds or above are very much into activity books where they can solve puzzles and get creative. Austin Macauley’s activity book is the best choice for these little geniuses to indulge themselves in. So, to help your kids improve their concentration and problem-solving skills, buy this engaging activity book here.





Is It Uncool to Go to School

Is It Uncool to Go to School?

Another one from our amazing storybooks is the story of a boy named Peter. He doesn’t like to go to school. The reason behind his aversion is simple; he hates getting up early. After complaining multiple times to his mummy about this rule, his mummy decides to help him out. But how does she help Peter in a way that doesn’t make him skip school? To find out how his mummy solved this problem, buy this book here.





Lennie & the Three Paper Boats

Lennie & the Three Paper Boats

This is another great pick from kids’ books. The story of a little girl, Lennie who wins a golden ticket. She is immensely happy but this golden ticket turns her happiness into a nightmare. Lennie is trapped on a stormy island. Would she be brave enough to reach her dreams? Does she have the patience to conquer the obstacles she will face? You can read about Lennie’s journey by grabbing a copy from here.





The Lady of Colors

Peek-a-Boo, I See You!

An inquisitive bear sets out on a journey to explore the beauties and wonders of nature. The bear is amazed to see different creatures in the forest around him like a bighorn sheep, a group of bees who are busy making honey and a salmon in a creek. Join this nature-based journey by a little bear who learn about different animals, their habitats and instincts. Buy this informative book here.



The Lady of Colors

The Lady of Colors

A beautiful story about the environment – this tells the tale of an exquisite butterfly who has colourful wings. Her friend, the daughter of Eid, takes her along on a journey to see the colours and beauty of the forest. Interesting events start to take place as they roam around the forest. But some disasters are about to hit the forest. Will the Lady of colors and her friend help the forest fight off the disasters? Grab a copy of this book here to find out more.


Larry the Leprechaun

Larry the Leprechaun

This is another one of the interesting storybooks from our summer reading list for kids. Larry is a leprechaun who lives on farmer Murphy’s farm. He is the youngest of all the leprechauns, the funniest and also very cunning. He has a big crock of gold and is the only leprechaun to be ever caught by a human. Joan, farmer Murphy’s daughter, has been planning to catch Larry for a long time. But will Joan be able to get hold of the gold crock? Buy this book here to find it out yourself.




Glimpse of Jordan

Glimpse of Jordan

Our last selection for kids’ books is a fairytale adventure, set in the beautiful city of Jordan. The heroes are lime plaster statues from Ain Ghazal. Read this unique and interesting story by getting a copy of it here.



So, this summer, get hold of these fascinating books and take them with your kids wherever you go. Let us know which one was your kids ultimate favourite. Connect with Austin Macauley Publishers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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