How Effective Writing and Strategy Yield A Good Book?

Writing a book that will keep its readers hooked is not a piece of cake but an art that you can learn over time. But it doesn’t mean that you should sit back and wait for the time when you will be skilful enough to write a good book. Of course, it will take some time, but meanwhile, you can learn those skills that will enable you to write a good book. Writing a good book is just one part of the process. Once you are done writing your book, there comes the most important stages; publishing and marketing. Now, you need to plan which publisher you are going to choose and how well your book marketing strategy will be. Knowing what makes a book worth reading is not just enough. On the flip side, identifying what can turn your book into a disaster is also important. We will tell you all the dos and don’ts of writing a good book that will not only make it to the bestsellers but will also be remembered for decades.


How to Define A Good Book?

Before answering this, let’s ask a few questions! Does a good book only mean the best seller? Do we love all the best-seller books? How many books that you read were not bestsellers but touched your heart? A good book is not only a best seller but also one that captivates the hearts of its readers in a way that makes them fall in love with the characters and theme of the book. On the contrary, some books might make it to the best sellers through good marketing and distribution, but you regret reading them. A good book will always be worth spending money on because reading is an investment, right?


How to Write A Good Book?

Now that we have established what a good book is, let us explore the elements of writing a good book. We have picked the three most important elements that you should always focus on while writing your book. These are:

  1. Plot
  2. Characters
  3. Pacing



The theme you are going to write about, or the plot of your book is the most important element of the book that you can’t afford to neglect. A poorly designed plot will lead to a number of loopholes in the story. Writing a good plot requires a critically appraised outline that connects the dots of the story in an engaging yet smooth way. Always take plenty of your time to brainstorm a plot. This way, you’ll write a great book.


We all remember characters from our favourite books, don’t we? What makes characters worth remembering and inspiring? It is their personality that a writer builds in a way that mesmerizes us? Be it is a hero or a villain, the appropriate personality build-up while writing a great book makes its readers fall in love with them.

Always build the personality of the characters as per the requirements of the character. One bonus tip, do not introduce unnecessary characters into your book as it will only confuse your readers.



You often pick a book, read a few pages and then put it aside and say, “Ah! It’s so slow, can’t read it.” We all have been there and simply can’t read a slow-paced boring book that is leading nowhere. We want a book to be interesting and well-paced.

Writing a book is not a child’s play, but we should not write a book merely for the sake of writing but making it engaging and worth reading is the real job. Set the pace of the story with twists and turns that eventually build up curiosity and excitement in readers and keep them hooked to the story.


How to Adopt a Good Publishing and Marketing Strategy?

A book without having a post manuscript writing plan is like you make a really good movie, but nobody knows about it, ultimately wasting all of your hard work. Writing a good book is not enough. You have to choose the right publishing services and do well-executed book marketing.  We are aware of the fact that a writer cannot do all of the work all alone. There come good publishing companies and book marketing experts that will do the rest of your work. Always go for those publishing companies that will give you maximum freedom and royalties.

Book marketing is the backbone of your book’s success. The right genre for the right readers is a must to consider before marketing your book – market wisely. Besides, online marketing, collaborations and book reading events are other ways that you can incorporate in your book marketing strategy.


We hope that following these will help you write a good book. After all, your book should reach its readers. Austin Macauley is a leading book publishing company headquartered in the UK, US and UAE. We are currently accepting manuscripts, and you can submit your manuscript to us for review.  For online submission of the manuscript, click the online submission form.


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How Book Marketing Helps Authors Reach Their Target Audience

If you take a look around you, everyone is using the internet. Whether for work, surfing the web, playing games, or just watching Netflix shows. Digital media channels, social media, and search engines are popular than ever before. Every industry is pulling up its socks to be the best. As far as the book publishing industry is concerned, it’s certainly not staying far behind the rest. In the world of the publishing industry, book marketing is a potent tool for generating book sales.

With the influx of new marketing and book promoting trends, the publishing industry has started moving towards the digital medium for book promotions and marketing. However, this does not mean physical means of promotion are abandoned. For the publishing industry, it’s a matter of placing physical marketing and digital marketing side by side, make them coexist and have a cross-channel strategy. Over the past few years, this has resulted in a new marketing strategy for the book publishing industry.

Here, we will share innovative principles of marketing through which Austin Macauley Publishers promote their authors.


1. Social Media Marketing

Austin Macauley Publishers promotes authors and their books on all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Readers are constantly using social media. This medium provides the highest potential for an author to grab the attention of potential readers. Social media is a platform for authors to exchange opinions, interact with other authors, and get in touch with booksellers. Our goal is to reach out to as many readers around the globe through our social media strategies.


2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a high-performing way of promoting a book through digital mediums. Unlike generic emails that are less effective, we focus on personalized emails that target a specific group of people. The reasons why email marketing is so beneficial to grabbing the customers’ attention are:

  • Book marketing through personalized messages for each recipient.
  • It is a cost-effective method that reaches wider audience.
  • Mobile devices allow everyone to check their emails quickly.
  • Converts onlookers into buyers more than any other channel.

We analyze the consumer behaviour, demographics, and characteristic before we hit the send button! In this way, our authors’ books will be promoted in an optimal way, reaching out to potential book buyers.


3. Book Reviewers & Influencers

The number of influencers on social media platforms, especially Instagram, are monumental. The phenomenon of influencers has now consolidated the world of books as well. Many influencers are now offering book marketing services. Austin Macauley reaches out to top influencers and micro-influencers to request book reviews. Small-scale influencers have a more loyal fanbase even though their following is not as high as the top influencers. Influencers adopt numerous book marketing techniques, which benefits the sales of books. If a book gets critically acclaimed, it is bound to receive recognition and fame from the mass community of readers. After getting a book published, we make sure that our author’s book reaches the right influencer and book reviewer for reviews.


4. Author Websites

With more and more people getting connected through the internet, authors should have a website of their own. An author website can serve as a robust tool for book marketing, showcasing news, blogs, upcoming events, and anything related to an author’s personal brand. Austin Macauley Publishers provides authors with their own personalized website so that they can keep the readers posted on their book signing events, news, and anything else they would want to share with them. After all, a website acts as a central hub for book promotions and provides a communication channel to interact with the fans.


5. Blogs

The chances are that a person who loves to read books reads blog articles too. Our content writers are tasked to create engaging and attention-grabbing blogs that promote the books of our authors. Our blog articles are SEO optimized and enriched with keywords, making them rank better on the search engines. This can benefit the reach and popularity of books. The goal of blog articles is to create a buzz around the reading community. It helps promote the book across various channels, more so if it’s being shared across numerous social media platforms.


6. Ebook Marketing

Ebooks are a cost-effective and easily accessible alternative to paperbacks and hardbacks. Apart from publishing physical forms of books, we also focus on ebooks that cater to a large section of the online book community. Through eBook marketing, we want to widen the reach of our books through digital platforms where readers can access them with just one click. We even send ebooks to influencers which can also help the author get more mileage. Ebooks marketing helps establish a loyal fanbase that would keep waiting for more of your content.


7. Book Fairs & Virtual Events

It’s a universal truth that every book lover feels at home when surrounded by books. Book fairs are literary events that entice the readers. They look forward to it throughout the year. As book publishers, we participate in various international book fairs and events attended by tens of thousands of people to showcase our books. They provide an amazing platform to connect with readers from all over the world. Many authors attend these book fairs, getting a chance to interact with their fans and other authors, media houses and business giants. Over the years, exhibitors have benefited the most from book festivals and events. Our purpose in participating in book festivals is to give our authors a chance to display their literary work and learn from industry specialists. Some of the book festivals that we have been a part of include:


8. Author Interviews & News Features

Getting your book promoted through radio stations, news channels, and media stations is always great. Austin Macauley Publishers assists their valuable authors in arranging radio interviews, talk sessions with vloggers, and getting featured on the news. Hundreds of our decorated authors have promoted their books by getting featured in newspapers and magazines. In personal interviews, authors share bits and pieces of their lives to build an emotional connection with the readers and listeners.


9. Partnership with Leading and Indie Bookstores

People who love reading books relish visiting bookshops and getting lost in the magical world of books. Bookstores offer a medium for readers to come and get their favourite books in no time. Austin Macauley Publishers have partnered with various leading and Indie bookstores globally, and now most of our books are stocked in these stores!


Our partner leading online bookstores include:

  1. UAEBook
  2. DXB Book
  3. Noon
  4. Amazon
  5. Jamalon
  6. Neelwafurat
  7. Platinum Bookstore
  8. Dubai Library Distributors
  9. Keef Book
  10. Jarir Reader
  11. Book Delivery
  12. Abjjad
  13. Sanad Books
  14. The Bookshop Library
  15. Virgin Megastore


Our brick-and-mortar bookstores include:


  1. Readers Bookstore – Jordan
  2. Booktopia
  3. Knowledge Book Center – Egypt
  4. The Elite Bookstore – Egypt
  5. Alexandria – Egypt
  6. The Reader’s Corner – Egypt
  7. Dar Al-Jenan – Amman, Jordan
  8. BookLand Bookstore – Bahrain
  9. Platinum Bookstore – Kuwait (Both online and bookstore)
  10. Kinokuniya Bookstore – Dubai Mall
  11. Al Ummah Bookshop


If you are an aspiring author and want your work to be published, choose Austin Macauley, as we are one of the top hybrid publishers in the UK, US and UAE. You can submit your manuscript with us by clicking here. You can also send it online by filling our online submission form.


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