Austin Macauley Publishers Got the Honor of Translating the Guiness World Record Holder Book in Arabic

We are elated to share the spectacular news with our audience that Austin Macauley Publishers has been honored with translating a Guinness World Record-holder book ‘Hear yourself’ into Arabic, written by our outstanding author, Prem Rawat.

‘Hear Yourself’ is renowned for attaining the attention of a huge audience, creating a landmark in the history of reading by having the largest audience of about 114,704 people at its book reading event, breaking the previously held records of 6,786. This self-help book is for all the people out there who are ready to elevate themselves to their higher selves in their self-discovery journey.

Guinness World Record is a global publication that has been listing incredible achievements and records in various categories since 1955. It is a collection of extraordinary human achievements and shocking extremes in the natural world.

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