You’ve Got a Problem

Robert Muddiman

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Written in plain English without being bogged down in psychological language, this is a book everyone, not just economists and sociologists should read, but everyone from every walk of life. Robert Muddiman’s book is an in depth analysis; not just of what it means to be human; but also the nature of humanity. Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs among other tools, various well known quotes from The Dalai Lama to Richard Nixon, he paints a detailed picture exposing the core problems within our society. He gives definitive solutions to the problems faced; even if they would never be implemented, it gives the reader pause for thought, and alerts the reader to the problems this country faces.


The author has lived a colourful life with service in the Air Force. He then became a qualified accountant, a financial director and later a fully qualified counsellor. His first love has always been books and he eventually became an antiquarian book dealer. This book is the result of his comprehensive reading.


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