Wrong World, Wrong Life

Sue Douglas

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Country singer Roberta Bliss, known to her fans as Bay B Bobbie, is delighted to meet fellow musician Howie Doon at a charity concert in Norfolk. She recognises him as a man she has frequently seen in the vivid dreams she has experienced since childhood. A tragic accident occurs at the venue, leaving Bobbie with no memory of the concert or Howie but flashbacks prompt her to try to trace the owner of a man’s engraved bracelet found in her possession. Her life then takes a dramatic turn. Wrong World, Wrong Life is in part a romantic love story but mystery elements have been entwined to create an interesting and absorbing tale. Will Roberta ever discover what happened at the concert and can she and Howie possibly be reunited?


Sue Douglas is a full time author who lives on the west coast of Scotland. She enjoys comedy shows and listening to rock music when not writing and The Waterwoman's Gift is her sixth novel. At present she is working on her ninth.


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