Who Owns Your Agenda?

Ramesh Jeewoolall

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Professor John Malcolm Day was the Head of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of London, until he decided to take early retirement and pursue his hobby of studying small island cultures. A curiosity about the many varied groups of people on the Indian Ocean Island of Mauritius led him to visit the island to further his studies. Ramesh Jeewoolall is a retired Mauritian lawyer and politician and his book Who Owns Your Agenda follows Professor Day’s exploration of the many religions and cultures of the island. The people who the professor meets during his travels on the island help him in his quest for knowledge. One such islander also shares a secret about Mauritius’ most famous inhabitant: the extinct dodo. Can the professor persuade his new friend to share his closely guarded secret about the dodo to benefit the scientific community? This fascinating story intertwines both the professor’s quest for knowledge and his desire to do the right thing for the legendary bird.


Sir Ramesh Jeewoolall has been a practising barrister, then he joined politics. He became the deputy speaker, then the speaker of parliament. He was a minister, and subsequently, a front bench member of the opposition, and he says that he knows inside out of politics, especially of local politics. Unfortunately, for health reasons, he has had to give up his practice which was his chosen career and his politics which was his chosen hobby. Now Sir Ramesh is a writer and he says that writing is the best profession that a person can choose.  


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