Where Crows Gather

Liz Todd

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The familiar and comfortable routine enjoyed by Grace Melville’s family is about to become a distant memory. From the moment her estrange father re-enters her life after forty years’ absence, the scene is set for closest bonds and friendships to be tested and severed, perhaps forever… Thomas Blake’s arrival rekindles the hatred and resentment Grace has always harboured for a man who deserted her only months before she was born. Her daughter, Beth, is captivated by her grandfather’s charm and plausibility and seems determined to welcome him back into the family circle. Confident in finding and ally in her husband, she is soon horrified to discover that his loyalties lie elsewhere – with her mother in fact – a disturbing relationship whose hint of scandal soon threatens the stability of two marriages. Will it be mother or daughter who claims victory? And at what cost?


Liz Todd spends summers in Perthshire and winters in the south of Spain. She shares a love of walking and the outdoor life with her husband, Richard. She is currently working on her next novel ‘The Silent Judgment'.


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