Way South Of Wahiba Sands – Travels With Wadiman

Adrienne Brady

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Travelling from a base in Dubai, Adrienne Brady and her partner, Richard Chapman, set off to explore the mountains, deserts and remote coastal regions of the dramatically changing worlds of the Emirates and Oman before heading into the very heart of Africa. An extraordinary and poignant tale of two inveterate travellers whose adventures take them to an unexpected horizon. Adrienne Brady is no newcomer to travel or travel writing. Her fine talent for descriptive and dramatic prose brings to life forgotten worlds, engaging people and the haunting beauty of the natural world. This fascinating, involving, vividly written memoir which reads like a novel takes the reader to the very edge of the known world.


Adrienne Brady was born in Burma and grew up in Surrey. Marriage and four children took care of her creative energies for a good number of years. An Honours Degree in English and History and a Master's Degree in Creative Writing acted as a springboard for writing her own poetry and to satisfy a deep rooted ambition for travel and travel writing. Since 1987 she has lived overseas in Singapore, Brunei, Libya and the Middle East taking opportunities to explore ancient and lost worlds as well as to capture them in words and on camera. Based in Dubai from 1996-2006 her travel features were published regularly in Gulf newspapers and magazines. From a home base in Devon and more recently Dorset, she has continued to travel as well as completing two memoirs of life and travels in Libya under sanctions and travels throughout Oman and into Central Africa. Danger Zones and Pleasure Zones takes a leap back in time to explorations in Asia, then forward to the Gulf and Europe to complete a fascinating trilogy of adventures through a complex and dramatically changing world.


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