Waiting For Pat

Peter Asher

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Forget reality. Join in the make believe world of a five-year old boy until somehow the line between the real world and his world disappears and you are held by his story. Poorly Boy, whose real name seems to have been forgotten, is just that. He is poorly with a heart condition and his experiences in hospital seem to lead him naturally to establishing his own Garden Shed Infirmary specialising in the treatment and care of damaged soft toys he has found or been given. Poorly Boy, surrounded by staff such as Daddy Springy, Nelly, a nurse and patients Little Sheeps, Crumble Bee and Baby Kenneth, forms a hospital community with each character having their own individual personalities and just as in any community there is bickering, heated discussions and compromise. Poorly Boy, with his child’s vivid imagination draws his mother and father, Uncle Peter, neighbours and finally the reader into his various plots and storylines all of which are entirely real in his eyes. Embrace Poorly Boy’s world and allow yourself to again think with the mind of a five-year old child.


Peter Asher has lived in Scunthorpe his whole life. He searches for the hidden meanings in poetry and prose, always asking ‘Why?’ just like his idol, Lord Byron.


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