Vortex Of Adonis

Mariam Salim Hadeed

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Maryam actually has a story, but in her mind there are many stories. What is going on in her mind is deep, and has an imaginary axis just like a whirlpool. Everything that comes to her is the work of (Adonis), the character who sits on the throne of her mind.

All your thoughts, dreams, fantasies, and opinions are scattered in the Adonis vortex, where freedom and equality lie.

Writer (Sadeem) is the only outlet for Maryam to reveal her secret that she has kept for years, but the end is not as easy as the beginning.

Mariam Salim Hadeed was born on June 19, 1997 in the Emirate of Dubai.

She graduated from the United Arab Emirates University in 2019-2020, studying podiatry at the University of Western Australia in Perth.

Passionate about natural and social sciences, interested in nutrition and reading new topics about modern medicine. She loves the arts such as drawing, music, and theatre.

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