Unconscious Passion

Trevor Robbins

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Bill Warner Manse lies in hospital in a coma; his situation is critical and the odds of a recovery appear unlikely. He was researching the experimentation of drug performance, and before disclosing his successful findings with the medical world he was attacked and his work stolen. Two young nurses, Jane and Kim, become compelled to aid him in his quest for recovery. Their connection with him is evidence of his own awareness, and by the conflict it creates between them. They begin an arduous attempt to revive him, despite the fact that few are willing to listen or assist in their pleas for the man’s recovery. They must seek the help of those who are vital to his existence before his fight for survival is over. Unconscious Passion is a captivating tale of suspense and tension. With a highly sexual and engrossing plot, the story unfolds as the findings of the drug experimentation are revealed.


Trevor Robbins was born on the 17th of February 1938 in Claremont Road Birmingham. The war years saw his home destroyed, his eldest brother being evacuated to a farm in Wales for over six years, and his mother dying before his sixth birthday, he had no recollection of his childhood years, but learnt to appreciate the little he did have in life. His father was the managing director of the English Rose Theatrical co. in west Croydon before moving to Birmingham, and inspired him with his writing. Like his father he wrote poetry and children's stories, then later had the urge to write novels, his first that gave him the most pleasure was a trilogy, Unconscious Passion, Seed of Doubt, and Essence of Evil.


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