UAE Maritime Heritage

Mona Abdulla Al Ali

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Maritime Heritage of the UAE is the result of a father-daughter collaboration. Abdullah Mohammed Suleiman Al Ali is a pioneer in the preservation of UAE heritage, especially maritime heritage.

This beautifully illustrated book, compiled by his daughter, Mona Al Ali, documents Abdullah’s vast experience of the UAE’s traditional crafts and maritime industries.

The reader is taken on an in-depth tour of UAE maritime heritage, glimpsing ways of life that have vanished or are rapidly vanishing. Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, the founding father of the UAE, said: ‘He who does not

know his past cannot make the best of his present and future, for it is from the past that we learn.’

This quote inspired Abdullah Mohammed Suleiman and his daughter, Mona, to learn, revive and protect the heritage of the UAE for future generations. This book represents a small part of this important work.

Mona Abdullah Al Ali: The lonely heart that loves her father, May God Rest His Soul.

This work is the fruit of the efforts of the writer's father, Abdullah Muhammad Suleiman Al Ali, one of the pioneers of Emirati folk heritage, a former member of the Fujairah Fishermen's Association, and one of the most prominent citizens who excelled in marine industries, especially the manufacture of the screen. He strove to adhere to his traditional Arabic profession to pass it on to his children.

These traditional industries represent the life of the Emirati people in the past, and because those who do not have a past do not have a present, Abdullah Muhammad Suleiman was interested in reviving and protecting the UAE heritage; where this industry became a part of his daily life, so that the current of civilization does not drag it away and the new generation is unaware of those traditional crafts.

And because Abdullah Muhammad Suleiman Al Ali made his noble message the pursuit of achieving his goal of preserving the UAE heritage and teaching it to the generations, it is a source of pleasure for the writer to issue this book, which may be the first of its kind to talk about traditional crafts in the United Arab Emirates in Arabic and a foreign language, which allows foreigners and tourists to learn more about the UAE heritage and popular terms.

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