Travelers’ Tales

Ruhie Jamshed

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Travelers’ Tales is a unique collection of 14 stories written by Dubai residents from all over the world. Despite coming from diverse backgrounds to create this book, they do, however, share one thing in common – the love for penning tales from the heart.

This collection consists of a variety of genres – from love stories to mysteries to those that inspire. Be prepared to go through an amalgamation of emotions as you read these travellers’ tales. From smiles to tears to chuckles, these stories promise to take you on an interesting journey.

Noel Goreham is a budding middle-aged writer who discovered storytelling and writing only recently. By day he is surrounded by his cats, as he lovingly cares for his two children. His patient wife finances his lifestyle choices as he lives happily under the hot sunny rays of Dubai.

Edwige Narbey is now a temporary housewife in Dubai, after fifteen years in the epic field of special needs education in France. With time on her hands and her appetite for new adventures, she started to write for the first time at forty, in English. She learns kitesurfing occasionally.

Jarita C. Mitra believes that writing is that magical moment when thoughts floating in the Universe meet her mind and they engage in a deep conversation. When she is not writing, Jarita enjoys a very fulfilling life as a mom to her teenage son, while balancing her multiple roles as an industry leader in healthcare logistics, cofounder of her free community library and an NLP practitioner and mentor. Jarita sees her future self as a full-time author and motivational speaker.

Rashmi T. K. wears many ‘hats’ in her life like that of a mother, personal mastery coach, non-profit strategy consultant and accidental nutritionist. Her newest hat is of a Writer of stories: a shameless eavesdropper taking inspiration from her surroundings! She absolutely needs to tell the many stories that buzz in her head, gaining inspiration from her surroundings. After all, as they say, ‘Truth is stranger than fiction’!

Fatima Ibrahim Faras is a young pharmacist. Along with her interest in science, she has always had a passion for writing, for as long as she can remember. She loves to write poetry and short stories, which help her to express her thoughts. She feels deeply inspired by the indescribable feeling when people tell her how her words move them.

Asma Khalid Yousuf Baker is an artist at Mawaheeb. She loves to draw and write about the world through a whole new light. She started writing when she was in the 9th grade, and has kept writing ever since then. Crime fiction is Asma’s favorite genre and she likes to write about the mysteries.

Pam Jackson Murrell is an American living in Dubai. She is a creative soul, expressing herself as an author, entrepreneur, mother, and wife. As a long aspiring author, she has now finally taken action to begin a writing career. She believes deeply in the power and magic of words to inspire, impress, and ignite the hearts, minds, and actions of people everywhere.

Nudrat Majid is a preschool educator who is busy dancing to the tunes of her three teenagers when she isn’t busy teaching toddlers. Nudrat also multi-tasks as a chef, cleaner, chauffer, and a loving wife (not exactly in this order). But her secret avatar is that of a writer and she loves to read, along with spinning magnetic tales.

Ali Ihsan Cetiner is an Istanbulite living in Dubai. He is the proud father of two, an electrical engineer and the GM of a manufacturing company. He continues to scratch his head to solve the mystery of why he has this immense urge to write. The answer may be in the exciting ideas he harbors for the sci-fi stories he plans to write soon!

Rala Sabouni is a wife and a full-time mother. She has enjoyed raising her three kids in different countries around the world, wherever her husband’s work has taken them. Due to her fascinating travels, she lived through, heard of, and saw many ‘stories’ that are worth sharing. Presently settled in the UAE, and with the kids having left the nest, Rala has more time on her hands to put all those stories on paper and pursue her passion to write.

Banu Alptekin is a HR professional with over twenty years of work experience. When she recently moved to Dubai with her family, she was happy to take on the role of a housewife. Banu is Turkish, mother of two kids, and happy to get out of her comfort zone. In fact, she has even started writing short stories in English!

L. Toma is an education consultant who believes that education is the superpower every child needs to change the world. L. is passionate about learning, reading, visual communication, and discovering different cultures. L. likes to explore writing, ‘traveling’ to different worlds of genres and characters.

Shetha Hijazi is an assistant manager at an amusement parks entity. She is also a cancer survivor. At age the age of nineteen, she was diagnosed with stage 4 oral cancer. She is currently working on her first memoir about her life with cancer, to give hope to other cancer patients out there who need strength.

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