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Tesla Coyne feels invincible.Having survived the cruelty of his parents and a catastrophic explosion in Iraq, he is now truly happy. He has found contentment living with his sister Poppy, and Earache and Pancake, the nieces he adores. His first book has been published and Hollywood has shown interest in the movie rights.He drops his venomous girlfriend, Jenny, at the airport and is on his way to meet his true love, Grace, (the abused wife of the local thug) when disaster strikes.He suffers a massive stroke that leaves him lying face down, bleeding into pool of water. He hears Grace’s familiar ringtone on his phone but he can’t answer because his body won’t respond.His last thought as he loses consciousness is why didn’t I put a password on my phone? Our affair will be discovered and I won’t be there to protect her…


Torn is the debut book by Cheshire based author Andrew Rexstraw. A retired Sales Business Consultant, he is married with three grown up children.Andrew has produced many tales but never had the confidence to write, despite considerable encouragement. He 'put pen to paper' during a particularly bad bout of insomnia, (worrying about the looming weddings of two of his children). He is a keen golfer, cyclist and walker.


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