The Key of Time

Jennifer Loudon

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In The Key of Time Jennifer Louden tells the story of Daniel and his adventures through the “glistening sheet of gold” that takes him to another time in history. Daniel confronts good and evil on his travels, both with the people he meets on the other side and amongst his own companions where greed rears its ugly head. The adventures revolve around the thriving medieval castle where we meet princes, knights and the fearsome castle guards from which the band of friends must save Daniel’s family. Yet blunders can happen and when Daniel uses the key of time to pass through the time barrier when the sheet is “a dazzling, glowing green” he finds himself in 750 BC and the era of the dreaded Druids with their cages and chains. The Key of Time is an enchanting and compelling book which you will find difficult to put down.


Jennifer lives with her parents and younger brother. She is 15 years old and attends St Aidans High School in Wishaw. She has always loved writing and has been writing stories from a young age. In her free time she enjoys horse riding and ice skating with friends.


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