The Immortal Scent

Dushyant Berry

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“Words breathe, and pages contain space in alternate dimensions. In me, is the world in you?” This is what this book says. The idea of this book is not to produce mere expressions. The book breathes and reflects on how love is a wormhole that connects different realities. The author’s innate wish to be everything is reflected in the verses as perspectives of beings and things and how they are connected with the ultimate truth. He treasures the magnificence of silence and its healing therapy in connecting with the universe inside the self, outside, and with the Divine. The book reveals the secrets of existence that are simple and apparent yet not commonly understood. The book is a journey into the dimensions of spirituality, gratitude, and humanity. Through the poems, the author portrays the journey of the self, from starting to be aware to reaching enlightenment. Each poem hides within it a multitude of dimensions, and at different times, the reader will find different meanings while reading the poems.

Born into an average Indian family in 1975, creativity was always close to his heart, but during his early years, he was never interested in reading or writing.

Once asked what type of life he would like in the future, he answered,

“I want to be rich and enjoy luxury, but I also want to be poor with just a little to live on. I want to be a teacher who goes on a cycle to teach, but I also want to be a professional worker who is super busy. I want to be everyone.”

His journey through professional life landed him in the lap of Sadhna, which he practiced for 19 years before the arrival of the moment that changed his awareness.

In 2015, Dushyant had a sudden impulse that forced him to pen down the irresistible thoughts that appeared almost overnight. He started to write on life philosophies such as purpose, time, dimensions, balance, and dreams, which turned into writing spiritual poetry. It was only in 2023 that he wished to share his thoughts and publish his poems. This is his first set of published works.

He continues to believe strongly in balance and remains a meditation practitioner.

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