The Good in The Bad With Bandar and Grandma Sugar

Shaimaa Yousef

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The story presents one of the entertaining and useful tales of grandmother Sugar, in an interesting framework that shows the importance of using resources in the development of humans and society.

The events also narrate how good can triumph over evil with cooperation, courage and intelligence, which prevented the Flame Mask Gang from stealing gold.

In the context, the story talks about the importance of opposites in life, and answers the questions of the youth about the crises that may happen to them or around them.

And how do they deal with that in light of the correct understanding, and the optimal choice between the good and the bad, in addition to educating them to appreciate the value and purpose of different things and events.

About the author

Shaymaa Youcef is an Egyption Pharmacist and a researcher. She holds a BA in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Faculty of Pharmacy - Cairo University in Egypt. Then she obtained a Master's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, specializing in Pharmaceutics, from Wayne State University, Michigan - USA.

She works as an assistant teacher and a scientific researcher within the faculty of school and their assistants at the Faculty of Pharmacy - Cairo University.

She has a hobby of writing purposeful stories and novels in an interesting framework, as she believes that writing is a means of expressing feelings and thoughts, and that it is a pulpit that transmits experiences, sciences and ideal values in a way that achieves benefit and enjoyment for the reader, and it contributes to the development of awareness and the strengthening of social culture.

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