The Girl from Barcelona

Peter Woodbridge

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A Franco-era General, with help from al-Qaeda, plans a coup. Funded by a massive slush fund accumulated during Spain’s corrupt construction boom, the fascists intend to bring separatist Catalunya to its knees. A young and beautiful Catalan girl, Daniela Balmes, becomes a spy in the jihadist camp – but which side is she working for? Peter Woodbridge’s political thriller The Girl from Barcelona, based on the Arabic saying ‘The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend’, skilfully unfolds a tale of mystery, suspense and romance.


Leaving school at fifteen, Peter Woodbridge began a business career and later a family life that allowed him little time to achieve his ambitions as a writer. Determined to pursue his passion, he has written numerous unpublished short stories and several novels. Born in England, he is a Canadian living in Vancouver. He enjoys time spent in Barcelona, hiking in Arizona and travelling.

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