The Adventures of Kippy Schofield and the Fantastical Cat

Mary Barr

Total Pages: 175
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Kippy Schofield has an idyllic life in Hawaii. He swims with turtles, plays truant from school and is close to his brother, Scotty.When Scotty is accepted at Oxford University, the family returns to their grey, narrow house in England. But tragedy strikes and Kippy’s beloved father is killed in an accident.Suffering from grief and expulsion from school, Kippy now has a different problem: Nanny B. Meane, the nanny hired to home-school him. On arrival, she announces she’s ‘Meane by name and mean by nature.’ And she is.But then Kippy remembers Scotty’s tale of the magic rock and the fantastical cat that lives at the bottom of their garden.And that’s where his adventures really begin!Another delicious children’s novel from the imagination of Mary Barr, The Adventures of Kippy Schofield and the Fantastical Cat, introduces a modern family tale with echoes of the very best historical children’s fiction. Be prepared for an amusing, high-energy tale featuring lessons in friendship and family.


Mary Barr is a storyteller of fiction and limited only by the boundaries of her imagination. Ms. Barr has travelled the world and may use her own experiences and perceptions as a basis for her stories; however, her characters remain purely a product of her imagination. This book was written at Ms Barr's desk in British Columbia, Canada.


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