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Austin UAE

Note: Paperback only available to pre-order, this book will be released on 30th April 2021. [Subject to change]
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Rashid and Latifa head on an adventure to save Expo 2020 after they discover that it has been attacked by cyber hackers who aim to ruin the exhibition. Rashid and Latifa start their mission to save the expo at a scrapyard when they discover a piece of metal, Terra. The guardian tells them that the hackers have attacked the three expo guardians including herself. They then go on a mission to find Alif and Opti, travelling to the past and future. The children will join them in their mission where Rashid and Latifa have to stay hidden from the cyber hackers and find the expo guardians.
This book focuses on themes relating to sustainability, mobility and opportunity as well as UAE’s past and future that will highlight some of the country’s key achievements.
By including different elements into the story such as creativity, adventure, teamwork, science and technology, it keeps the reader captivated throughout.

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